Chakra, meaning wheel in Sanskrit are energy centers
within your energy body. There are seven chakras, each
located around the nerve ganglia (bundles) of the spinal
column. A Chakra can be visualized as a tornado or
whirling vortex over a region of the body. This vortex can
suck in or push outward. Either state is out of balance. A
normal chakra is at a harmonious level with the others
and takes in only as much energy as it needs.

Chakras reflect your physical, emotional and spiritual well
being. When negative emotions imbed themselves in
your energy field, your chakras get blocked. You may get
sick or feel out of balance. Reiki allows more energy in,
helping to release the block.  Initially, when the block is
released, you might feel more uncomfortable for awhile.  
Your body must integrate the released energy that can
now flow. Then the discomfort and feeling of imbalance
will subside.

It is important to understand what type of energy each
chakra attracts and the type of imbalance that can occur
when we are in a negative state of mind. Your thoughts
and attitudes can change whether your chakra is taking
in energy or putting energy out.

Each chakra is related to specific life lessons to be
learned. As you work through different issues in your life
a specific chakra will be affected.

A complete energy evaluation has to include all seven chakras regardless of the
location of the physical illness, as well as all aspects of the patient's life.
Negative extremes of any...emotional issue can serve as a major influence in the
development of any of the noted dysfunctions
in each of the specified chakra descriptions."
                                                                                   ---Caroline Myss

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